7th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference - Ulster University

Past event

Date and time

1 May 2019


Ulster University

The Future of Work: automation technology impacts:

Session 1A

Lena Jacobs, Department of the Taoiseach - Automation and Occupations: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Automation on Occupations in Ireland

 Dr Lisa Wilson, NERI - The Future of Work: the impact of automation technologies for employment in Northern Ireland

 Paul Mac Flynn, NERI - The Future of Work: the impact of automation technologies for job quality in Northern Ireland

Labour Market Activation, Welfare Conditionality, Legislation and Policy:

Session 1B

Jonathan Arlow, Dublin City University - A JobBridge to Nowhere? The National Internship Scheme as Fast Policy Leading to Bad Policy

 Dr Keith Puttick, Staffordshire University - The Welfare State, Wages, and Work - Disintegration or Renewal?

 Orlaith Mannion, Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection - Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 - from policy proposal to legislation

Session 1C

Kevin O’Kelly, European Trade Union Institute - EU Study of Direct Employee Participation

Michael Taft, SIPTU - Economic democracy and the productivity challenge.

John Moriarty, Queens University Belfast - Once more to the well? Planning for retirement and associated transitions

Regional Development, Cross Border Regions and Local Labour Markets:

Session 2A

Pauline White, Western Development Commission - Sectoral Employment Profile of the Western Region of Ireland: Policy Implications

 Deirdre Frost, Western Development Commission - Travel to work areas and labour catchments - rural and border areas

'Just Transition', employment effects and inclusive growth:

Session 2B

Bela Galgoczi, ETUI - Phasing out coal in energy generation - employment effects, transitions and policies

 Paul Goldrick-Kelly, NERI - A Just Transition in Ireland? The case of Bord na Móna and the Midlands

Labour Market Statistics on the Island of Ireland:

Session 3:

Cathryn Blair, NISRA

Edel Flannery, CSO

Job Quality, Measurement and Policy:

Session 4A

Gail Irvine, Carnegie Trust - Measuring Good Work

Daniel O’Callaghan and Fiona Kane, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform - Quality of Employment: Indicators and Trends

Ciaran Nugent, NERI - Precarious work in Ireland

Innovation, Competitiveness and Skills: Implications for the labour market:

Session 4B

Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI - Innovation and Growth: Concepts and Policy implications

Dr Esmond Birnie, Ulster University - Competitiveness measures: Labour force implications

Labour Market Participation & Discouraged Workers:

Session 4C

Dr Corina Miller, Queen’s University Belfast - The impact of co-resident grandparent’s informal childcare on mother’s labour force participation

Dr Ewa Galecka-Burdziak, Warsaw School of Economics - Asymmetry and non-linearity in the discouraged and added worker effects

Jason Olsen, Ulster University - The segregation of disabled people from Northern Ireland’s labour market


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