Low Pay: Some Insights

The latest NERI Research inBrief looks at those who are on low pay in the Republic of Ireland. Its key points are:

  •  Low pay is more common among:

-   female workers;
-   younger workers;
-   those in the retail, hotel and security sectors;
-   single parents; and
-   those on temporary contracts.

  • At the household level, a higher proportion of low paid employees are living in households that struggle financially, borrow for day to day living costs and experience deprivation.


  •  25% of employees (almost 345,000) earn less than €11.45 per hour.
  • 30% of employees (just over 400,000) earn less than €12.20 per hour.

The inBrief complements a recent NERI Working paper which is available here: Collins, M.L. (2015), ‘Earnings and Low Pay in the Republic of Ireland: A Profile and Some Policy Issues’ NERI Working Paper, 2015/29. Dublin, NERI. 

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