NERI Seminar Dublin: Fiscal Priorities for Long-Run Growth

Past event

Date and time

20 November 2015

The latest NERI seminar  looked at the Irish economy’s recent performance and considered its medium-and-long-term prospects for growth. Over the course of the presentation a range of policy reforms to increase the economy’s long-run potential output were identified and discussed. Dr McDonnell set out the case for  increased investment in education and skills, particularly early years learning; to increase investment in the production, diffusion and use of new ideas. He showed how prudent investment in right types infrastructure is associated with long-run increases in productive capacity and argued that were capital markets are not well-functioning there is a strong case for a state investment bank to provide patient long-term finance to support innovative effort and technology diffusion.


Tom McDonnell ‘Fiscal Priorities for Long-Run Growth’ NERI Seminar Series , 18 November 2015, Dublin

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