Life on low pay – new insights

The latest NERI Research inBrief looks at those who are on low pay in the Republic of Ireland. Its key points are

 Low pay is more common among:

-   female workers;
-   younger workers;
-   those in the retail, hotel and security sectors;
-   single parents; and
-   those on temporary contracts.

At the household level, a higher proportion of low paid employees are living in households that struggle financially, borrow for day to day living costs and experience deprivation.

The chart presents some of the results of this analysis and compares the living standards experience of those on low pay with that experiences by employees in general.


  •  25% of employees (almost 345,000) earn less than €11.45 per hour.

  • 30% of employees (just over 400,000) earn less than €12.20 per hour.


A full copy of the study is available here.

The inBrief complements a recent NERI Working paper which is available here: Collins, M.L. (2015), ‘Earnings and Low Pay in the Republic of Ireland: A Profile and Some Policy Issues’ NERI Working Paper, 2015/29. Dublin, NERI

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Micheál Collins