Social Protection and Ireland's Crisis M. Collins Presentation to IPSE Conference Dublin, October 5th 2012

Social Protection and Ireland's Crisis



Micheál Collins


Given Ireland's current situation, there are real challenges for the current and future shape of our Social Protection model. This presentation, considers where things stand given the current crisis and briefly reviews the challenges that lie ahead in both the short-term and long-term.

The paper was presented to the XXXVIII IPSE Meeting in Dublin on October 5th 2012.

IPSE is the Institute for European Social Protection and the Dublin conference was entitled: Social protection: between austerity and new developments


Conference description:

The goal of this conference is to examine the reasons behind social austerity policies, above and beyond virtuous frugality, and to analyse noticeable developments. We will also work to find new alternative models guaranteeing social balance through a renewed expression of solidarity.

In the first session entitled "Major Crisis and Systemic Reforms," we will adopt a shared and/or pluralistic approach to elaborate an assessment in order to identify future issues arising from the development of intertwined financial, economic, social and even societal crises. By bringing together the themes of the crisis - described as "major" - and systemic reforms, we hope to spark a debate to determine the nature and breadth of transformations and the manifest or anticipated consequences arising from them.

The second session, "Structural Changes in Times of Crisis: What are the Consequences for Social Protection," is expected to lead to a confrontation around changing responsibilities and how these responsibilities are assumed. Discussions will focus on the national or European public sphere and the upheaval of the internal market and competition law, taking into account the ever-growing importance of standards and regulations. We will consider the aptness areas covered by organizations in the social and mutualized economy along with the efficient responses they have provided.

The third session, "Solidarity-based alternatives to Austerity Policies," focuses on previous assessments and ruptured models to propose approaches that take account of new realities and put the values of solidarity into practice.

Further details and conference programme are here:

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