NERI Seminar Dublin: Wives, Mothers, Workers: A brief history of women in social policy

20 March 2019, 3:50pm - 5:30pm

Topic:  Wives, Mothers, Workers:  A brief history of women in social policy

Speaker:  Laura Bambrick, Social Policy & Legislative Officer, Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)

Date:  20th March, 2019 

Time:  Tea and coffee from 15:50.  The seminar will commence at 16:00

Venue:  INTO Learning Centre, 38 Parnell Square, Dublin 1


This presentation charts the development of women’s social rights in employment law, the income tax code and social welfare system, from the nineteenth century to the present. It shows how barriers to equality for women today are rooted in the policy legacy of favouring the male breadwinner/ female carer family.


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