Annual Donal Nevin Lecture

12 December 2016, 5:30pm - 7:00pm


The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) are delighted to announce that Professor Diane Coyle, University of  Manchester will be the guest speaker at this year's Annual Donal Nevin Lecture.




 Title: Measuring what matters: Alternative measures of progress

Speaker: Professor Diane Coyle, University of Manchester

Date:  12 December, 2016

Time: Registration at 17:00, the lecture will run from 17:30 - 19:00 followed by a wine and finger food reception

Venue:  The Great Hall, Lanyon Building, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, BT7 1NN

Details of Lecture:

Professor Coyle’s work challenges the dominant use of GDP to measure economic and societal progress, arguing that there is nothing inevitable or ‘natural’ about using GDP to assess progress in the economy or society. She discusses the many shortcomings of GDP, including problems with its measurement and its omission of significant contributors to economic and social progress, from work in the home to digital activities. Professor Coyle argues that while measures such as GDP are needed, it has had too central a place in shaping public policy, and rather suggests that alternative dashboard measures be used, which provide a more accurate rounded assessment of progress.

The topic of Professor Coyle’s lecture is particularly timely given Northern Ireland’s recently published draft Programme for Government which is ‘ designed to help deliver improved well-being for all our citizens…. framed by a vision for Northern Ireland’s people and its economy’. The lecture will help inform the debate around the draft Programme for Government and the meaning and measurement of economic and societal well-being in Northern Ireland.

Short biography for Professor Diane Coyle:

Professor Coyle is a Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester and founder of the consultancy Enlightenment Economics. She is a member of the Natural Capital Committee and Fellow of the Office for National Statistics. She specialises in the economics of new technologies, markets and competition, and public policy, and has worked extensively on the impacts of mobile telephony in developing countries. Her books include the bestselling GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History , The Economics of Enough: How to run the economy as if the future matters , and The Soulful Science (all Princeton University Press).  Diane was a BBC Trustee for over eight years, and was formerly a member of the Migration Advisory Committee and the Competition Commission. She was previously Economics Editor of The Independent and also worked at the Treasury and in the private sector as an economist. She has a PhD from Harvard. Diane was awarded the OBE in January 2009.

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