NERI Seminar Dublin: Some Lessons from the Crisis: Spatial Justice, Uneven Development and Future Choices

10 December 2014, 3:45pm - 5:30pm


Some Lessons from the Crisis: Spatial Justice, Uneven Development and Future Choices


Gerry Kearns (Professor of Geography, Maynooth University) and David Meredith (Senior Research Officer, Teagasc)


Recent economic and labour market indicators point to expansion of the economy, growth in the number of people in work and a reduction in the numbers unemployed. These developments have, in conjunction with increasing public resistance to austerity measures, resulted in a changed policy focus with greater emphasis placed on growing the economy and continuation of public services rather than the implementation of additional revenue raising measures. Worryingly, however, the types of measures that are either being considered, implemented or resisted are reflective of past initiatives. This raises the concern that we are, as a society, destined to take another pro-cyclical turn on a financial cycle merry-go-round resulting in further concentration of capital, social injustices and a spatial hardening of these injustices. In short there is a danger that despite the hardship and sacrifices that we ‘wasted a serious crisis’ (Rahm Emanuel). In developing these ideas, our paper provides an overview of spatial changes in the composition of the labour force and youth migration patterns. This draws attention to the presence of long run trends towards economic agglomeration within some regions, weakening of others and the ultimate futility of repeating historical initiatives in the hope that this time the outcome will somehow be different.

The seminar will draw on the presenters' recent book on the Irish Crisis: Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis.



Tea and coffee from 15:50. The seminar will commence at 16:00.


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