NERI Seminar Belfast: Devolution in the United Kingdom Post Scottish Referendum

18 November 2014, 3:50pm - 5:15pm


Devolution in the United Kingdom post Scottish referendum on independence.


Stephen Boyd (STUC) with a response from Dr Esmond Birnie (PwC) 


Tea and coffee from 10:20. The seminar will commence at 10:30.


In the aftermath of the Scottish Independence referendum, a broader discussion has begun about the future of economic governance in the United Kingdom. If further welfare and tax raising are to be devolved to Holyrood,  what could this mean for the administrations in Belfast and Cardiff? What could this mean for the proposed devolution of corporation tax to Northern Ireland?  How would further devolution to city regions in England affect overall UK fiscal policy?

The upcoming NERI seminar will address some of these issues with two distinguished speakers, Stephen Boyd Assistant Secretary at the Scottish Trades Union Congress will speak about the proposals for further devolution in Scotland while Esmond Birnie, Chief Economist at PWC will speak about a fiscal future for Northern Ireland. The debate will hopefully begin an important discussion about the future of the Northern Ireland economy and the role for our devolved institutions. 


Please contact to register.

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