Joint NERI-TASC Seminar: Reflections on an Irish Wealth Tax

25 September 2013, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

The thinktank TASC together with the NERI (Nevin Economic Research Institute) will hold a seminar on Wednesday 25th September 2013 entitled Reflections on an Irish Wealth Tax’

Topic: Reflections on an Irish Wealth Tax

Speaker: Dr Tom McDonnell, Policy Analyst, TASC, Dublin

Time: Tea and coffee from 3:50pm; seminar commences at 4pm

Abstract: This paper considers the advantages and disadvantages of introducing a net wealth tax in the Republic of Ireland. The implications for vertical and horizontal equity are discussed, as are the implications for economic efficiency, growth, savings and potential capital flight. The paper also addressed other questions including: Are there administrative barriers to its introduction? How should debt be treated? Who should pay the tax? How does the tax relate to other taxes? How should assets be valued? What level of revenue could be raised?

Keywords: Ireland, Wealth, Taxation, Equity

To register your interest in attending and for further details please e-mail

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