NERI Seminar: The Euro Crisis - causes and solutions

28 November 2012, 3:50pm - 5:30pm

The NERI (Nevin Economic Research Institute) will hold a seminar on Wednesday 28th November 2012 entitled 'The Euro Crisis: causes and solutions'

The NERI seminar series aims to provide a forum for the presentation of research papers on topics of relevance to Irish public policy (North and South) and will take the format of a presentation of the research (25-30mins) followed by a questions and answers/discussion (30-40mins). The series will continue through to June 2013.

The seminars are open to all who are interested and are free to attend.

Details of the next seminar are:

Time: Tea and coffee from 3:50pm; seminar commences at 4pm

Speaker: Tom McDonnell, Policy Analyst, TASC, Dublin.

Abstract: The Eurozone crisis is a system problem. Its roots lie in a series of structural design flaws in the architecture of European Monetary Union. Successful crisis resolution and long-term stability are contingent upon the implementation of a package of complementary policy changes to reform the currency union's flawed institutional architecture.

In that context, this paper examines issues such as: the failure to mandate a 'conditional' Lender of Last Resort (LOLR) for sovereign borrowers; the need for a banking union with a centralised authority mandated to supervise, regulate, and where appropriate shut down insolvent financial institutions; the creation of a Eurozone Deposit Insurance Corporation (EDIC); and the potential role for a centralised insurance fund for sovereigns in order to ameliorate the severity of localised recessionary impacts and negative economic shocks.

Keywords: Eurozone, Banking, monetary union


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