NERI Seminar: An Examination of the Effects of an Investment Stimulus

19 July 2012, 4:00pm - 5:15pm

The NERI (Nevin Economic Research Institute) will hold a seminar on Thursday 19th July 2012 entitled 'An Examination of the Effects of an Investment Stimulus'

The series aims to provide a forum for the presentation of research papers on topics of relevance to Irish public policy (North and South) and will take the format of a presentation of the research (25-30mins) followed by a questions and answers/discussion (30-40mins). The series will continue throughout 2012.

The seminars are open to all who are interested and are free to attend.

Details of the next seminar are:

Speaker: Dr Rory O'Farrell, NERI (Nevin Economic Research Institute)

Time: 4-5:15pm (doors open 3:50pm)

Abstract: An investment stimulus is regularly proposed as a response to the recent dramatic fall in domestic demand in the Irish economy. In contrast, critics of an investment stimulus cite the high import share in the Irish economy as a reason for why the benefits of a stimulus would leak from the Irish economy.
Using the HERMIN model, which was originally developed to measure the effects of European Cohesion Funds, this paper examines what effect an investment stimulus would have on employment, GDP, and net exports. The research finds that an investment stimulus would have a significant effect on boosting employment and GDP. Crowding out effects are greatly reduced due to the high level of unemployment and the direct effects of an investment stimulus are increased by the fall in construction prices. The paper compares these findings to other previous published research. The findings are consistent with previous research, in showing a positive effect of government investment on the Irish economy.

Keywords: Investment stimulus, Employment

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Further seminars are planned and details will be circulated in advance of these seminars.

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