NERI & The People's College - Series of Lectures: "Economics Made Simple"

21 October 2019 - 9 December 2019

Topic:  Economics Made Simple

Speakers:  NERI economists & guest speakers

Dates:  Series of eight lectures every Monday from 21st October, 2019 to 9th December, 2019

Time:  18:00 - 19:30 

Venue:  To be confirmed - depending on numbers 


The NERI and the People's College will be giving a series of eight lectures on economics spanning topics from 'the future of work' to the 'just transition' to the 'next recession'. These lectures are available to anyone and are designed to demystify economics and spread light on some of the crucial issues of our time. The first lecture by Dr Tom McDonnell (Senior Economist, NERI) will take place on Monday the 21st of October.


Details of registration and how to pay the €10 cost for the eight lectures can be found on The People's College website -


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