NERI Seminar Belfast: 'Bad Jobs' and Productivity: The flexibility paradox

7 June 2018

Topic: ‘Bad Jobs’ and Productivity: The flexibility paradox

Speaker: Paul Mac Flynn and Dr Lisa Wilson

Date: 7th June 2018

Time: 15.45. (Tea and Coffee from 15.30. Seminar ends 16.45.)

Venue: INTO, 23-24 College Gardens, Belfast, BT9 6BS

Abstract: Productivity in many western economies has been stagnant in the years following the 2008 financial crash. The UK has been among the worst performing economies and within it, Northern Ireland has been a consistent laggard. Over the same period, we have seen a rise in the polarisation of employment and a marked increase in poor quality ‘bad jobs’. An interesting issue relates to the relationship between labour market performance and productivity performance, with a body of literature suggesting that the rise of flexible labour markets have contributed to the slow-down in productivity. This paper will explore the relationship between productivity and precarity in the Northern Ireland economy, and question the conventional wisdom that flexible labour markets are a panacea to higher economic performance.

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INTO, 23 College Gardens, Belfast, BT9 6BS

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