NERI Conference: 2nd Annual NERI Labour Market Conference

1 May 2014

UCC/NERI logoThe second annual NERI Labour Market Conference will be held on Thursday 1st May in association with UCC School of Economics. The conference will run from 10:30-16.45 and will include approximately 15 research papers on various aspects of the Irish labour market and Irish labour market policy.

Agenda: The conference agenda is available here.

Location: Cavanagh Pharmacy Building, UCC, Cork (see map for details and agenda for rooms)

The NERI Labour Market Conference is intended to provide a forum for the presentation of research papers on labour market issues (North and South) and will occur at around this time of year from here on. Presentations from researchers, academics, and labour market practitioners are invited for this forthcoming conference. Those interested in attending should register with Rory O'Farrell (

A keynote lecture will be given by Pádraig Dalton, Director General of the CSO.





Pádraig Dalton (Director General of the CSO)






SESSION 1a (LG51): Employment and transitions

Chair Seamus Coffey (UCC)

(i)                 Brian Ring (CSO) ‘An overview of labour market statistics

(ii)               Thomas Conefrey (CBI) ‘Stocks, Flows and Transitions: an Examination of the Irish Labour Market 1998-2013’

(iii)             Frank Walsh (UCD) Labour market transitions in the Irish Economy



SESSION 1b (LG52): Institutions

Chair: John Considine (UCC)

(i)                 Daniel Higgins (NUIG) An institutional approach to the unemployment crisis

(ii)               Hugh Cronin (TCD)Examining the Relationship between Employee Resistance and Organisational Change during the Irish Recession






SESSION 2a (LG51): Pensions (in association with Trinity College Dublin Pension Policy Research Group)

Chair Micheál Collins (NERI)

(i)                 Gerard Hughes (TCD/PPRG) Structural Pension Reform : Successes and Failures

(ii)               Maureen Maloney (NUIG/PPRG) Achieving Pension Adequacy through DC-type Schemes: Problems for Employers

(iii)             Eamon Murphy Pension policy in Ireland: An Evaluation – How current policy fares in achieving its stated aims and how it might better achieve them




SESSION 2b (LG52): Employment and Unemployment

Chair  David Butler (UCC)

(i)                 Elish Kelly (ESRI)Lost in Transition? The Labour Market Pathways of Long-term Unemployed Individuals in Ireland Pre and Post the Great Recession

(ii)               Marie Sherlock (SIPTU) The pursuit of Full Employment in Ireland- key issues

(iii)             Jasmina Behan (SOLAS) The Occupational Employment Projections 2020






SESSION 3a (LG51): Pensions and retirement (in association with Trinity College Dublin Pension Policy Research Group)

Chair Daragh McCarthy (NERI)

(i)                 Michelle Maher (NUIM/PPRG) 'Gender and Pensions.  The Missing Element in the Pensions Debate.

(ii)               James Stewart (TCD/PPRG)and Bridget McNally(NUIM) Pension Funds and Governance



SESSION 3b (LG52): Wages and Labour Costs

Chair Declan Jordan (UCC)

(i)                 Micheál Collins (NERI) A Living Wage For Ireland: Considerations And Initial Estimates

(ii)               Michael Taft (UNITE) Irish Employee Compensation in Comparison with other EU-15 Countries



Cavanagh Pharmacy Building, UCC, Cork

Location Map

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