External event contributions

The NERI team regularly present our research at range of conferences and seminars.

Additionally we also contribute submissions to parliamentary committees, regulatory bodies and government consultations.

External event contribution

Public-Private Partnerships in Ireland: A Review of the Experience

In July 2012 the Irish government announced a stimulus plan for the beleaguered economy. The plan to spend €2.25 billion on capital projects is largely based on the use of public-private partnerships (PPP) to procure new infrastructure and services. This signals a renewed wave of PPP procurement...
External event contribution

Alternative Fiscal Pathways

Public sector deficit reduction has become an overriding concern and preoccupation of policy-makers across Europe. The situation in many countries is acute given the high level of general government debt and the continuing high level of government deficits half a decade into the current economic...
External event contribution

Presentation to NWCI 08 Oct 12

Presentation 'Bearing the Brunt: Women and the Recession' - response to panel of speakers
External event contribution

Social Protection and Ireland Crisis

Given Ireland's current situation, there are real challenges for the current and future shape of our Social Protection model. This presentation, considers where things stand given the current crisis and briefly reviews the challenges that lie ahead in both the short-term and long-term. The paper was...