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New NERI Working Paper - Innovation and Growth: Concepts and Policy Implications

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Tom McDonnell

Investment Green Energy

The NERI's latest addition to its enterprise project is released today. You can find it on the website here. This working paper will underpin much of our research in 2019.

The paper focuses on sustainable and inclusive long-run economic growth. The core idea is that knowledge and new ideas manifesting as ‘innovations’ are the key to sustainable long-run economic growth. Following the main discussion, I draw out a set of high-level implications to help guide policymakers. 

First, sustainable growth is dependent on continuous productivity gains arising from innovation.

Second, innovation is itself a function of the production, diffusion and application of economically useful new ideas.

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Prospects for Private Sector Wages 2018/2019

Posted on November 20, 2018 by Tom McDonnell


The Republic of Ireland's labour market is tightening, albeit not yet overheating. As such, the prospects for real wage growth for workers continue to improve. In this presentation we assess the state of the Republic of Ireland's labour market and look ahead to the potential for real wage growth in 2019.

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A Household net wealth tax for the Republic of Ireland.

Posted on August 07, 2018 by Tom McDonnell

Scrooge McDuck

Is a wealth tax on net households assets worth over €1 million feasible? Is it desirable? I discuss these issues in the latest NERI inBrief which can be found here. Many of the core principles for net wealth tax design are outlined in an earlier NERI/TASC Working Paper which can be found here.

The main 'takeaway' is that introducing such a tax in the Republic of Ireland is more than feasible and a wealth tax with a household threshold of €1 million would yield at least €250 million for the exchequer annually and probably significantly more. A well-designed wealth tax would affect just 1% to 2% of households.

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Job insecurity is not a necessary trade-off to job flexibility

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Lisa Wilson

In the Autumn of 2016 Prime Minister Theresa May commissioned Matthew Taylor to undertake a review to consider how employment practices need to change in order to keep pace with modern business models. One of the central aims of the review was to consider the extent that emerging business practices put pressure on the ‘trade-off between flexible labour and benefits such as higher pay or greater work availability, so that workers lose out on all aspects’.

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Intergenerational Inequality in Ireland

Posted on May 29, 2017 by Ciarán Nugent


A Eurobarometer poll of 16-30 year olds in 2016 found that 68% of Irish respondents felt excluded from economic and social life by the crisis compared to 57% in the EU as a whole and 27% in Germany. Although in some corners these concerns are likely to be dismissed as the whining of a spoilt, apathetic and lazy generation, addicted to PlayStation and terrible music, these concerns are borne out by the stats.


Unemployment and Inactivity

In Ireland, latest figures show the unemployment rate is 17% for under-25s and 7.1% for over-25s (Q2 2016). 31.9% of the unemployed between 15 and 24 are long-term unemployed (9 months or more).

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The productivity problem - We need to invest

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Tom McDonnell

Unoccupied Industry

For most economists the sources of productivity, innovation and technological progress are almost co-extensive with the central question of economics - what is the source of the wealth of nations?

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5th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference - Extension of deadline for submissions

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Louisa O'Brien

Maynooth University

The fifth Annual NERI Labour Market Conference will be held on Friday 12th May in association with Maynooth University's external link Department of Applied Social Science external link , the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting external link and the Department of Sociology external link . The conference will run from 10:00 - 16:00 and will include research papers on various aspects of the Irish labour market and Irish labour market policy.

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Slides from NERI Seminar on Tax Expenditure on Occupational Pensions in Ireland: Relevance, Cost and Distribution

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Louisa O'Brien


Slides from Wednesday 28th September, NERI Seminar on Occupational Pensions in Ireland: Relevance, Cost and Distribution by Dr Micheal Collins (UCD) and Prof Gerard Hughes (TCD).


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Internal Devaluation and the Irish Crisis

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Tom McDonnell

Beckett Bridge - Photo Credit: Michael Foley Photograph Flickr creative commons page:
Photo Credit: Michael Foley Photograph Flickr creative commons page:

The European Trade Union Institute have published a policy inBrief by Tom McDonnell discussing the Irish economic crisis and its aftermath. You can find it here.

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Big Idea: A Basic Income for Northern Ireland

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Micheál Collins

nicva image big ideas

NICVA held a Festival of Economics in Belfast on Friday August 12th.

Among the big ideas discussed was Basic Income.

The slides below are from my 2014 presentation to a NICVA masterclass on Basic Income. They explore the issue in the context of Northern Ireland, looking at the levels, costs, and likely challenges. They should also serve as a useful starting point for further work in this area. It seems, given the audience in attendance, that there is ongoing interest in the topic.

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