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Paul Mac Flynn is a senior economist at the NERI specialising in the Northern Ireland Economy.

He is a graduate of University College Dublin with a BA in Economics and Politics and the University of Bristol with an MSc in Economics and Public Policy, specialising in the economic impacts of political devolution in the UK.

Having previously worked in financial services he is now based with NERI in Belfast.

Youth Unemployment remains a significant problem for Northern Ireland Economy

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Paul Mac Flynn

Stormont-Etrusia UK
The Nevin Economic Research Institute has published our latest Quarterly Economic Observer (Wednesday 10th April). In it we examine the problems of Youth Unemployment in Northern Ireland. In particular: •Youth Unemployment rates of 23.8% or 24,000; •34,000 18-24 year olds are not in education training or employment; •The number of young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance for more than 12 …

Left out and left behind

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Paul Mac Flynn

Rate of NEETs over time
The number of young people on the Island of Ireland not in education, employment or training (NEETs) has significantly increased over the last number. Similar to the overall unemployment rate, the number of NEETs remains higher in the Republic of Ireland; however the rate for Northern Ireland has risen markedly over since the crisis. The rate for 2011 was 19.2% in Northern Ireland and 23.9% in …

Policy Research Paper launched in Northern Ireland

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Paul Mac Flynn

Today the NERI published its first Policy Research Paper “Policy Options for Investment in Northern Ireland”. The paper will be officially launched at an event in Parliament Buildings in Belfast today. The paper seeks to highlight the infrastructural investment required in the Northern Ireland economy over the next number of years in the context of on-going economic stagnation and high …

Austerity isn’t working: A Northern Ireland Perspective

Posted on October 27, 2012 by Paul Mac Flynn

Paul MacFlynn, NERI
The International Monetary Fund recently admitted that they have, since the beginning of the crisis, grossly underestimated the damage that austerity policies have been doing to the economy. The admission was made in the latest edition of the World Economic Outlook released at their bi-annual meeting in Tokyo. This admission fatally undermines the economic case for the UK coalition government's …

Part-time working a problem for Northern Ireland

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Paul Mac Flynn

part time workers graph
Recent data has indicated that the level of unemployment in Northern Ireland has surpassed that of the UK as a whole. This is worrying news, but it is also not a full picture of the labour market in Northern Ireland. The unemployment rate does not count those who are underemployed, those who are in employment but still seek work. Indicator 2.5 (b) of the Quarterly Economic Facts shows the number …

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