Presentations from the 6th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference in association with NUI Galway, Whitaker Institute - 22nd May, 2018

Posted on May 25, 2018 by Louisa O'Brien

Presentation from the Central Statistics Office

Productivity and Skills

Session 1A, Chair: Dr Aidan Kane, NUI Galway

Labour Market Transitions and Activation

Session 1B, Chair:  Ciarán Nugent, NERI

 Equality and the Labour Market: Gender and Age Dimensions

Session 1C, Chair:  Dr Shivaun Quinlivan, NUI Galway

  • Dr Lisa Wilson, NERI
    • The gendered nature of job quality and job insecurity
  • Dr Karina Doorley, ESRI
    • Taxation, labour force participation and gender equality in Ireland
  • Dr Mengyang Zhang and Dr Brídín Carroll, Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative, Department of Health
    • Age-friendly workplaces: a positive ageing perspective
  • Dr Claire Keane, ESRI and Dr Caitriona Logue, University of Edinburgh
    • The impact of free childcare policy on childcare and maternal supply decisions: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design

  Pensions and Income Volatility

Session 2A, Chair:  Dr Áine Ní Léime, NUI Galway

Precariousness and Quality of Work

Session 2B, Chair:  Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI

 Trade Unions and Labour-Capital Relations

Session 2C, Chair:  Dr John Cunningham, NUI Galway

 Economic Inactivity

Session 3A, Chair:  Dr Lisa Wilson, NERI

Employment and Participation Trends

Session 3B, Chair:  Dr Eithne Murphy, NUI Galway

  • Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI
    • Medium-term trends in the Irish labour market and possibilities for reform
  • Eamon Murphy, Social Justice Ireland
    • An overview of labour market participation in Ireland over the last two decades
  • Dr Donald Storrie, Eurofound
    • Recent and possible future developments of non-standard employment

 Collective Bargaining and Labour Market Institutions

Session 3C, Chair:  Dr Alan Ahearne, NUI Galway


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