Presentations from 5th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference - Maynooth University - 12 May, 2017

Posted on May 18, 2017 by Louisa O'Brien

 Labour Market Transitions and Employment Trends

Session 1A, Chair: Dr Tom Healy, NERI

  • Dr Aedín Doris, Professor Donal O’Neill, Dr Olive Sweetman, Maynooth University
  • Does reducing unemployment benefits during a recession reduce unemployment? Evidence from a 50% cut in unemployment assistance

Precariousness, Working Conditions and Job Quality 

Session 1B, Chair: Dr Mary Murphy, Maynooth University

 Wages, Labour Costs and Affordability 

Session 1C, Chair: Paul Mac Flynn, NERI

Productivity, Human Capital and Educational Attainment 

Session 2A, Chair: Dr Olive Sweetman, Maynooth University

Precariousness and Low Pay 

Session 2B, Chair: Dr Geoffrey Cook, Maynooth University

Labour Market Participation and Activation

Session 2C, Chair: Dr Aedín Doris, Maynooth University

Presentation from the Central Statistics Office

Distribution and Labour Market Inequalities 

Session 3A, Chair: Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI

Pensions and Demographic Change 

Session 3B, Chair: Dr Delma Byrne, Maynooth University

Workplace Regimes 

Session 3C, Chair: Dr Lisa Wilson, NERI

  • Professor Seán Ó’Riain, Maynooth University and Amy Healy, Mary Immaculate College
    • Workplace regimes and precarity in European labour markets
  • Kevin O’Kelly, ETUI
    • Board-level employee representation – Its impact and future



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