NERI Seminar: A Future Worth Working For

Posted on April 09, 2015 by Daragh McCarthy

Yesterday's seminar given by the Director of the NERI, Tom Healy, focused on setting the parameters for a clear, long-term vision for the Irish economy to emerge. The seminar is based on a recent working paper that argues this vision must be based on concrete goals that can be observed, measured and contrasted—as opposed to pious aspirations. The paper is not intended as a blueprint or model that is to be rolled out, but as a contribution to a debate on our economic future.

Over the course of the presentation, Dr Healy reviewed the key economic and social challenges facing the island of Ireland in the coming three decades and suggests an overarching framework to better understand:

  • Why the cycle of bust and boom has not been abolished;
  • What options and choices are open to communities in each part of the island; and
  • How synergies on an all-island (Ireland) and cross-island (Ireland and Great Britain) basis be harnessed.




Healy, Tom " A Future Ireland Worth Working For: A Social Vision and Economic Strategy ". Presentation given at the NERI Seminar Series, 8 April 2015

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