NERI Seminar: Funding Universal Health & Social Care in Ireland

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Daragh McCarthy

Yesterday's NERI seminar, given by Professsor Charles Normand, examined the drivers of health care expenditure and assessed the feasibility of universal health care in Ireland. Professor Normand argued that it is feasible to develop a practical definition of universal care, and to work out the costs over time of providing this access.

Yesterday's presentation was based on a recent paper by Professor Normand that makes the case for free access at point of use to universal health care, and addressed the disadvantages of two tier approaches to access. The paper also looks at efficiency of provision, and the scope to use efficiency gains to ensure affordability.

Normand, Charles "Funding Universal Health and Social Care in Ireland: Ageing, dying, and affordability". Paper presented at the NERI Seminar Series, February 2015.


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