A Living Wage: the impacts for employees, employers and the state

Posted on March 13, 2014 by Micheál Collins

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A discussion on this issue of a living wage has recently commenced in Ireland. The implementation of a living wage raises issues regarding its impact on different actors in society (employees, employers, civil society and the state). Similarly, successful implementation faces a number of challenges.

A new NERI research paper, authored by Micheál Collins, considers some of these impacts and challenges, based on the experiences of living wage programmes elsewhere. In doing so, it points towards issues that need to be considered and addressed as any living wage initiative in Ireland commences.

The paper is available here and complements another NERI working paper on the living wage issued in early March 2014.

Paper reference: Collins, M.L. (2014). ‘The Impacts and Challenges of a Living Wage for Ireland’ NERI Working Paper, 2014/13. Dublin, NERI.

Previous paper: Collins, M.L. (2014). ‘A Living Wage for Ireland: Some Considerations and Initial Estimates’ NERI Working Paper, 2014/12. Dublin, NERI. Link here.


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