Wealth in Ireland: stable but what of its distribution?

Posted on February 11, 2013 by Micheál Collins

Indicator 4.4 from the NERI's latest Quarterly Economics Facts (QEF) document shows that despite the financial crisis, net financial wealth per person has been remarkably stable across Europe. In Ireland, the average resident possessed €26,507 of financial wealth (such as cash, bank deposits, or shares) in 2011 - the latest year where comparable EU wide data is available. This figure does not include non-financial wealth such as property. It should be noted that these are net average figures, and consequently they give no indication as to the severe financial strain under which many households are suffering. Indeed, despite a dearth in the provision of distribution data for wealth in Ireland, it is likely that wealth is at least as unequally distributed as income (see indicator 4.2a in the latest QEF).

In the latest edition of the NERI's Quarterly Economic Facts document, indicator 4.4 examines these wealth trends using data estimated by Eurostat.

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