1 in 5 children at risk of poverty

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Micheál Collins

The proportion of the Republic of Ireland's children living in households whose income is below the 60% of median income poverty line has experienced limited change over the past few years. While the years 2006-07 recorded a decrease from 22.3% to 19.9%, by 2010 almost 1 in every 5 children (19.5%) lived in a household experiencing relative income poverty.

Over the period 2006-2008 the proportion of children living in households experiencing both relative income poverty and deprivation (consistent poverty) decreased from 10.3% to 6.3%. However, since then it has increased and in 2010 8.2% of the ROI's children experienced consistent poverty.

In the latest edition of the NERI's Quarterly Economic Facts document, indicator 5.3 examines these child poverty trends using data from the CSO's 2010 Survey of Income and Living Conditions.

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