Slides from NERI Seminar: Budget 2020: Reflections and Analysis

Posted on October 17, 2019 by Louisa O'Brien

Slides from NERI Seminar: Budget 2020: Reflections and Analysis held in the Fórsa offices on 16th October, 2019. The three speakers each made a brief presentation responding to aspects of Budget 2020.  The presentations were delivered by Robert Sweeney (TASC), Michelle Murphy (Social Justice Ireland) and Michael Taft (SIPTU). Robert Sweeney, TASC post budget 2020 analysis 16 Oct 19 from …

Budget 2020 makes the vulnerable pay for Brexit

Posted on October 11, 2019 by Tom McDonnell

Money notes and coins
Budget 2020 came and went under the shadow of a looming Brexit threat. Notwithstanding this threat, the Department of Finance projects we will avoid a technical recession in 2020. The Central Bank similarly projects narrow avoidance of a recession in a no-deal scenario, albeit with declines in consumption and in investment. The government’s fiscal position is in a reasonably solid position with …

A Short-Time Work Scheme would help us battle the worst effects of Brexit

Posted on October 07, 2019 by Tom McDonnell

Every economic downturn is unique but often involve some form of demand side or supply side shock. A ‘demand-side’ shock occurs when businesses and households collectively reduce their spending in the economy. Good examples include stock market or property crashes that lead to a general loss of confidence in future economic prospects. Supply-side shocks tend to be more damaging to the economy …

Local impact of Wrightbus closure cannot be ignored

Posted on October 01, 2019 by Paul Mac Flynn

The announcement last week that Wrightbus has gone into administration with the loss of up to 1,200 jobs has dealt a significant blow to Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector at a time when the sector faces an existential threat. Furthermore, it is just the latest in a long series of closures to hit the Ballymena area, which seems to have suffered disproportionately in recent years. When we …

The word on the high street

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Guest Guest

resolution foundation.PNG
The way we shop in the UK has changed dramatically in just the space of a decade. In 2008 less than five per cent of retail spending was online, and that share has almost quadrupled in the years since. The latest statistics published just this morning show that in March this year almost a fifth of retail spending was carried out online. Our changing spending habits don’t just mean some …

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We need to talk about what policy can do to ensure a decent wage for the low paid

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Lisa Wilson

money box
How do we lessen the plight of the low paid and ensure that workers are rewarded a decent wage for their work? Is it enough for policy to focus solely on increasing the minimum wage?  This Blog looks at recent UK policy which has sought to tackle low pay and suggests that if the Government is really serious about “ending” low pay it needs to move beyond its recent sole focus on raising the …

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Trade Unions, Collective Bargaining and Economic Performance

Posted on June 25, 2019 by Tom McDonnell

NERI Research inBrief no 68 June 19
A key goal of workers and unions is to achieve wage growth that outstrips increasing costs of living. Trade unions can influence the labour share and the productivity channels, to the benefit of workers. Unions increase the bargaining power of labour, which enables workers to negotiate a larger slice of the economic pie. In addition, coordinated wage bargaining can impede cost competition …

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Slides from NERI Seminar Dublin: Whither Industrial Democracy? Irish Trade Unionism and the Cooperative Commonwealth

Posted on June 07, 2019 by Louisa O'Brien

Slides from NERI Seminar Dublin: "Whither Industrial Democracy?  Irish Trade Unionism and the Cooperative Commonwealth" by Dr Cian McMahon, Postdoctoral research position, Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia on 5th June, 2019.   NERI Seminar: Whither Industrial Democracy? Irish Trade Unionism and the Cooperative Commonwealth from NevinInstitute 

Out on our own? A sensible approach to fiscal transfers

Posted on June 05, 2019 by Paul Mac Flynn

Last week the Office for National Statistics released what they call the Country and regional public sector finances net fiscal balance tables. Whilst the name of these publication may not immediately induce interest or excitement, the information contained within them is most important. There is one figure in this report that is used by politicians in Northern Ireland more than almost any other …

Submission to the Budgetary Oversight Committee

Posted on June 05, 2019 by Tom McDonnell

The NERI will appear before the Oireachtas Budgetary Oversight Committee on the 19th of June. Our preliminary submission is here.

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