Research Programme

As part of the NERI research programme we are:

  • Building a microeconomic model of the Republic of Ireland income distribution using microdata from the CSO's Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC). The model will serve as a basis for examining and simulating policy options and changes to incomes, taxation, welfare and earnings policies.
  • Building a macroeconomic model of the Republic of Ireland which we will use to provide recurring projections and commentary on the major macroeconomic indicators. These will be incorporated into future editions of the Quarterly Economic Observer (QEO) from later in 2012.
  • Subsequently, we plan to extend these models to the Northern Ireland economy.

The Institute's research programme includes:

  • A Quarterly Economic Observer (QEO) which will provide regular commentary on the economy of Ireland - north and south.
  • A Quarterly Economic Facts (QEF) publication providing facts on key economic and socio-economic indicators for Ireland - north and south.
  • A General Research Series which will publish peer reviewed economic research from NERI researchers.
  • A NERI Working Paper Series providing an outlet for on-going research.
  • An NERI Research Seminar Series which provides a new forum for researches, from NERI and elsewhere, to present on-going or completed research on relevant public policy topics.
  • Contributions by NERI staff to research publications and journals, research conferences and policy discussions.

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