Presentations - 8th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference - Webinar

Past event

Date and time

17–18 September 2020

All the 37 presentations from the 8th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference Webinar that was run on 17 & 18 September, 2020.

Thursday 17th September, 2020
Day 1

Ms Yvonne Hayden & Mr Michael Connolly, CSO National Accounts Division 
Productivity in Ireland 2018

Just Transition
Session 1

Ms Sinéad Mercier, Consultant on Just Transition & climate change law & policy
Four Case Studies of Just Transition: Lessons for Ireland

Ms Adrienne Buller, Commonwealth UK
Green New Deal Research Programme

Dr Aoife Ní Lochlainn, NERI
Planning for a Just Transition in Northern Ireland

Mr Ciarán Nugent, NERI
(joint paper with Paul Goldrick Kelly, NERI)
Matching skills needs with skills reserves: Protecting workers & communities for a Just Transition

Precarious work and the labour market
Session 2

Dr Pablo Rojas Coppari, Maynooth University
How Ireland’s Labour Regime entraps migrant households in hyper-precarity

Dr Alicja Bobek, Trinity College 
(joint paper with Professor James Wickham & Dr Sinéad Pembroke)
Premium Work and Precarious Lives: the role of luck, chance & social connections 

Professor James Wickham, Trinity College 
(joint paper with Dr Alicja Bobek & Dr Sinéad Pembroke)
Precarious Work and Family Formation in Ireland

Professor Michael Doherty, Maynooth University 
(joint paper with Valentina Fanca)
Solving the ‘Gig-saw’?  Collective Rights and Platform Work

Dr Mary Murphy, Maynooth University
Why we need a high road Covid era back to work strategy?

Labour market evaluation and estimation
Session 3

Professor Frank Walsh, UCD
The Trade Union wage premium in Ireland

Dr Nuala Whelan, Maynooth University
(joint paper with Dr Mary Murphy)

Measuring employability outcomes for an inclusive post-Covid Labour Market

Mr Zymantas Baranauskas, IGEES and PhD student at Vilnius University, Lithuania
Varieties of Capitalism and Effects of labour market institutions on Business Cycle Synchronisation in the EU

Mr. Evan Walker, IGEES & Department of Health
Public Service Employment and Expenditure 1980-2018

Mr Frank Humphreys, IGEES & Department of Public Expenditure & Reform
Measuring Youth Employment when the labour force and educational levels are changing

Care & the Welfare State
Session 4

Ms Michelle Hannon
Proposed new Family Leave Policy – A national two-pronged approach:  Attraction & Retention of Family Caregivers in Irish Workplaces & a practical solution to Ireland’s impending Care Crisis

Ms Caroline McGowan, TU Dublin 
Unreasonable expectations that DEIS schools can ‘solve’ complex society problems.  A progress report on a collaborative cross-curricular intervention around food and cooking in an inner city school

Dr Michael McGann, Maynooth University 
Double activation and the governance of employment services 

Dr Dermot Coates, IGEES & Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection (joint paper with Jeff Dwan O'Reilly)
Covid-19, the Welfare State & Activation Policy

Dr Adele Whelan, ESRI
(Joint paper with Dr Judith Delaney, Dr Seamus McGuinness & Dr Emer Smyth)
Evaluation of SICAP Pre-Employment Supports

Friday 18th September, 2020
Day 2

Mr Sean O’Connor, CSO Statistician 
PAYE Modernisation - Investigating the opportunities for enhancing and developing new statistical insights

Gender and the Labour Market
Session 1

Dr Lisa Wilson, NERI
Gender Pay Gap

Dr Lauren Bari, UCC
An investigation into gendered working trends amongst the self-employed in Ireland

Dr Joanna Felczak, Warsaw School of Economics 
(joint paper with Professor Piotr Błędowski, Dr Ewa Gałecka-Burdziak and Professor Marek Góra)
Do older female previous prisoners participate in the labour market? 

Dr Rory O’Farrell, TU Dublin
Do different skills explain the glass ceiling for promotions of women in management roles?

Ms Intesar Madi, TU Dublin
(joint paper with Dr Lucía Morales)
Women Inequality in the MENA Region: Insights from the Arab Spring Revolution 

Pensions and labour market experience of older people
Session 2

Dr Jim Stewart, Trinity College
Automatic Enrollment: Revisiting the Original Scheme

Dr Catherine Elliott O’Dare, UCD
(joint paper with Dr Micheál Collins & Professor Philip O’Connell)
Researching Older People in Low Pay

Dr Sarah Gibney, IGEES & Department of Health
(Joint paper with Dr Mengyang Zhang, HaPAI, Department of Health) 
Ageism and perceived job sustainability: a comparative European analysis

Dr Micheál Collins, UCD
The Poverty and Inequality Effects of Pensions

Differentiated Labour Markets and Distributional Issues
Session 3 

Dr Robert Sweeney, TASC
Income Inequality in Ireland

Mr Eamon Murphy, Social Justice Ireland
The potential distributional impact of refundable tax credits in Ireland

Mr Cathal McDermott, IGEES & Department of Public Expenditure & Reform
(joint paper with Mr Ben Breen & Mr Daniel O’Callaghan)
The sectorial impacts of Covid-19

Dr Mathew J Creighton, UCD

Anti-immigrant sentiment and educational mobility in Europe

Dr Ivan Privalko, ESRI
(joint paper with Associate Research Professor Frances McGinnity, Mr Eamonn Fahey & Ms Shannen Enright)
Origin and integration: migrant flows and labour market outcomes 

After Covid
Session 4

Ms Sayamsiddha, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
Imagining the Post COVID Informal Economy in India: A Case for Demand Based Urban Job Guarantee Programme

Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI
Where do we go from here?  Principles for 2020’s Economy

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